Sunday, August 21, 2016

Marineland Under Fire Over Appearance of Walrus

Disturbing images have emerged of a 13 year old walrus at Marineland named Zeus.

A video which was taken recently and posted online shows what appears to be the walrus emaciated and near collapse as he is dragged out onto the stage to perform for tourists. The walrus lumbers around, bowing his head before finally flopping to the stage floor.

Compared to a walrus in the wild, Zeus looks quite different. Former Marineland walrus trainer turned whistleblower described Zeus' appearance to the online animal publication, The Dodo:

"He's grossly emaciated. You can see his hip bones, his spine. His skin is falling off his bones. His air sack is protruding. There's virtually no belly."

Marineland issued a statement which claimed Zeus is under constant veterinarian care and is completely healthy. Their statement largely blamed activists for misleading the public:

"As you have probably seen from many of the tabloid magazines, you see in grocery store lineups, anyone can take an unflattering photo of someone to make them look unwell or unhappy."

Ontario Captive Animal Watch, a zoo watchdog group based in Ontario is calling on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to intervene and have an independent pinniped expert outside of Marineland's influence or payroll examine Zeus.

OCAW is asking the public to join their pressure campaign on the Premier and those interested can find more information here:

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