Wednesday, May 11, 2016

UPDATED: Marineland Files NINTH Lawsuit Over Documentary

Marineland has filed yet another lawsuit, their ninth in a series of legal actions over the past several years, none of which have been resolved.

Marineland's claim filed in St. Catharines Ontario is against Zach Affolter an 18 year old marine biology student from California.  Affolter has been working on a short documentary for a school project entitled Black Water meant to highlight the plight of Kiska, the last remaining captive orca at Marineland and in Canada.

Marineland is using the lawsuit to attempt to block publication and distribution of the documentary and is seeking $1 million in damages.  They allege the documentary contains footage taken at Marineland which contravenes their legal terms with both visitors and employees.  Marineland claims all video and photos taken inside the park falls under their copyright ownership.   Critics are already seeing this as likely part of a wider legal strategy by the park to block any past or future damaging footage taken inside the park from being seen by the pubic.

Their statement of claim which has been obtained by Marineland: In Depth can be read below.

Marineland is set to open for the season in 10 days, a large demonstration against the facility is planned:

Postmedia has picked up the story and includes comments from Zach Affolter:

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