Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Marineland Closes For Season, Owner Ailing

Marineland has closed for yet another season and its closing day was met by demonstrators continuing to protest the facility's captive animal program. Approximately 150 people lined the public space in front of the park holding signs, shouting chants and appealing to customers not to go in. This was the third demonstration of the year held at the Niagara Falls facility.

PHOTO BY Mike Sansano

Noticeably absent from this demonstration was Marineland's omnipresent hands-on owner John Holer who in the past has always been highly visible patrolling the parking lot and Portage Rd in his vehicle during protests. Sources who work for the park have told Marineland: In Depth Holer is recuperating at home from a recent hospitalization due to a clogged artery. Holer is 80 years old.

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