Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Marineland Whistleblower Raising Awareness & Helping Activist

Brendan Kelly is a former Marineland trainer who was one of over a dozen ex staffers that revealed disturbing details of what really happens behind the scenes at the Niagara Falls facility. Kelly is continuing to raise awareness about the plight of Marineland's animals including Kiska, the last remaining captive orca in Canada.

This October Kelly will be running his first half marathon as part of Team Blackfish, a team of multi-sport activists that participate in athletic events and raise awareness for Orca whales currently being held in captivity. In correlation Kelly is also attempting to help Marineland activist Mike Garrett who is currently facing a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit from the park.  Kelly is hoping for support from the community, accepting sponsorships for his run that will be in turn donated to help with the immense legal costs faced by Mr. Garrett.

You can learn more about Brendan's run,  Kiska's story and the challenges faced by Mike on the donation page setup here:

Please help out if you can, every little bit helps. 

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