Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Call to Free Kiska

Young and old, singles and families, lined up once again to demonstrate against Marineland on Saturday for the second annual Free Kiska protest held outside the captive animal facility in Niagara Falls.  The focus of the demonstration was to speak out for Kiska, the last remaining killer whale held captive in Canada who has been at Marineland for decades and now lives in isolation.

Ontario recently passed a law banning the future sales, acquisitions and breeding of orcas in the province but it did not provide any help for Kiska who will likely remain alone at Marineland until she dies.

Demonstrators on Saturday called for Kiska to be moved to a retirement sanctuary in the ocean or a more suitable facility where she can be with others of her own kind.  Orcas are extremely social animals, almost more so than humans, they are known to stay with their families for their entire lives.

Folks lined up early with their signs chanting slogans in attempts to persuade people not to enter the facility.  Each time this was successful a round of cheers rose up from protesters.  At one point, two young men visiting on a tour from Mexico named Marco & Jorge changed their minds about entering Marineland.  They picked up some signs and joined the demonstration.

The Ontario government is currently overhauling  the standards of care for all marine mammals in the province and is seeking the public's input:

Coverage of Saturday's demonstration was featured widely across Niagara by the Postmedia Network:

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