Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's A Small World After All - For Kiska

Marineland claims lone orca Kiska lives in the 'largest pool housing a killer whale in the world' however just how large is Friendship Cove?

Marineland's statements about the tank size are completely arbitrary and they won't publicly release the actual dimensions of the three pod enclosure providing no facts to back up their statement.

Currently Kiska is only able to use two of the pod tanks as the third is being used to hold Belugas whales.  There is no shade structure at all providing Kiska with no relief from the hot summer sun.

In comparison to the Niagara River, which is a relatively small river nearby - Kiska's tank is minuscule. The Niagara River would be nothing compared to the vast open ocean Kiska would swim in the wild.

At Marineland there is more space dedicated to parking than there is space in ALL of the land and sea animal enclosures COMBINED.

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