Friday, July 17, 2015

Marineland Attempts to Censor Billboard

Marineland's lawyer is busy once again, sending out legal threats over an anti captivity billboard currently on display in downtown Niagara Falls.  The threats of legal action are in a letter faxed to Outfront Media who owns the billboard and Niagara Action for Animals, an advocate group based in St. Catharines Ontario who paid to place the message.

The billboard which is due to stay up for the month of July features several photos of animals taken by photographer Jo-Anne McArthur during a visit to the facility and used with her permission. The billboard does not mention Marineland by name and features the anti captivity message "They belong in the wild...not a theme park".

Marineland claims because the photos are of animals imprisoned at the park, they own the copyrights and the images are being used with 'malicious intent'. Under 'Terms and Conditions' on its website, the facility states "photographs or videotape taken at Marineland of Canada Inc. may not be used for any commercial purpose."

According to NAFA, Outfront Media has signaled they have no intention of removing the billboard.

The Niagara Falls Review has the full story including comments from both Niagara Action for Animals and Marineland:

The full letter threatening action has been obtained by Marineland: In Depth and can be read here.

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