Sunday, April 19, 2015

Marineland Animal Defense Ends Campaign Against Marineland

Marineland Animal Defense has decided to shut down their campaign of advocating for the end of animal captivity at Marineland. The small group of approximately 10 core individuals headed by 'co-founder' Dylan Powell has been around since 2011 and organized various demonstrations at the park and at park owner John Holer's personal residence. The group and more specifically Powell was hit with a $1.5 million dollar SLAPP lawsuit in 2012. M.A.D. has been the subject of many controversies since becoming one of the more vocal groups opposing Marineland in recent years.

The group, largely based in social media circles, posted various reasons for ending the campaign on their website including the following:

"we have reached a position where any further Provincial change is unlikely and where Federal change, like the full closure of the wild capture loophole, is currently off the table."

M.A.D. has cancelled a planned march through the city of Niagara Falls scheduled for next month and plans to close its various social media profiles.

Marineland activist Mike Garrett who himself is facing a $1.5 million dollar SLAPP lawsuit by Marineland commented on the end of M.A.D.'s campaign:

"While I have always fully supported Marineland Animal Defense's goals of ending animal captivity at Marineland we have vehemently disagreed on the strategies that should be used to see that those goals come to fruition. With the death of Marineland Animal Defense the time for infighting and division between activists is over. I have been guilty of it myself and wish to move past it. It only benefits Marineland and does nothing to further our cause. We are winning...things are changing. It's time to push forward, we are so close."

A demonstration without M.A.D.'s participation is planned for Marineland's Opening Day on May 16th.

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