Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Marineland Closes for Season - Deadmau5 Takes Aim

Marineland wrapped up its 53rd season this past Sunday, the day marked by another public demonstration outside the facility. Though more subdued than previous years, several hundred people still attended and held signs on public property while Marineland staff videotaped the demonstration. Several ex employees who came forward detailing alleged animal neglect at the park were also in attendance among the crowd.

Proper government intervention and tighter regulations have failed to materialize allowing Marineland to survive yet another season with few changes for the animals.  It is evident though, continued public pressure and a wider shift in attitudes regarding animal captivity have been taking its toll. Some sources close to the park say attendance is down nearly 20% over last year and a steady stream of negative press and public commentary towards the facility shows no sign of abating.

Monday night influential EDM artist and former Niagara Falls native Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 posted a profanity laced tirade to his blog imploring Marineland to get rid of its animals and build more rides. Continuing the rant on Twitter, Zimmerman went so far as to allude to considering buying the park or at least crowdfunding the purchase.  Since Monday his rant has been picked up by numerous international media outlets and hit the front page of his hometown newspaper.

You know what i would do if i were you? just get rid of the animals… (not that kinda chainsaw and plastic tarp “get rid of”) but like, you know, find an amicable solution to getting rid of the animals so that PETA and all the niagara falls crusaders will get off your lawn with their fuckin signs n shit. I’m sure they wont give up anytime soon, because they don’t realize that signs and shit and “awareness” doesnt really do fuck all… which is why youre still able to pen these animals up…. whatever.

Just speaking from a spectator point of view, if im driving by on my way to my own personal crusades, im not likely going to pull over, get mad and kick heads in. Ill just say “oh look, protestors” and carry about my business.

But heres me just looking in at your shitty situation from my end… like i said, i’d just lose the fucking animals… and even if it pissed you off because you lost an asset or whatever, or potential profit from “tourists” n shit… look at what you have to gain? Youd win the entire EVERYTHING if you released a statement promising the closure of your animal pens and aquariums. That “good guy” PR would reach worldwide fuckin acclaim…. shit, even SeaWrold (who arent any fucking better by a longshot) would be like… ‘OH SNAP’ and probably forcing them into action. You’d be a fuckin world hero… and it would probably cost you the x million dollars of investments you had to spring out on fucking whales n shit and upkeep (cant imagine it would be cheap)

but hey fucknut, heres what you do… just take a fucking hit, and do it. Because, stupid, youre STILL sitting on a fucking shitload of acreage thats a theme park…. with rides and shit. WHO THE FUCK DOESNT GO TO THEMEPARKS DUMBASS? Magic mountain doesnt have 1/2 dead wales n half dead deer… do i spend a buck or 300 every year to go there? FUCK YES.

Like i said, i dont know how much it costs to keep a huge fuckin fish in a huge fucking tank, but i kinda have a good idea how much a rollercoaster costs and im sure its pretty compareable….

so from a moral and business standpoint, in my opinion, stop being a fucking bunch of morons and just do the right thing. what are you fucking broke? no. It’s a brilliant idea / long game and a hell of an investment…. but youll make youre return… receive worldwide attention for your acts of valor… even tho you needed to be pressured into it anyway, and my personal facebook timeline wont be full of shit about how shitty you are.

thats it.

believe me, if i had the kind of money you’d want to buy your shit operation out, i’d do it myself in a heartbeat… and im probably not far off, so you might wanna hop on this shit.

- Joel Zimmerman

Zimmerman is no friend of activists but his rant rang true for a lot of people who believe Marineland could simply win the PR war by ending its animal program and shifting its business model to a more ride focused attraction. As more influential people like Zimmerman continue to speak out against the animal program at Marineland it is anyone's guess as to how many more years the park can survive the tide of turning public opinion.

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