Saturday, August 2, 2014

Marineland Summer Trivia Challenge

Marineland is currently holding a summer trivia contest on their Facebook page.  Marineland: In Depth thought it would only be appropriate that we help out the captive animal facility by making sure folks have all the true trivia facts.  See how many facts you know in our 10 trivia questions. If you need a hint you can check the Marineland News Archive.  Scroll down for the surprising answers!

Marineland Summer Trivia Challenge

Question 1
How many orca have died at Marineland?
a) Over 5
b) Over 10
c) Over 15
d) Over 20

Question 2
The property where Marineland is located was originally the location for what?
a) John Holer's house
b) A Wax Museum
c) A POW camp
d) Farmland

Question 3
Upon arrival at Marineland, trainers witnessed what they thought was this animal attempting suicide by repeatedly smashing its head against a wall:
a) Baby Jane the pilot whale
b) Kandu the killer whale
c)  Bruin the black bear
d) Isis the beluga whale

Question 4
In 1981 an outbreak occurred among Marineland's animal resulting in many animals having to be killed, what was the cause?
a) Foot and Mouth Disease
b) Tuberculosis
c) Mad Cow Disease

Question 5
What year featured the very first public demonstration against Marineland?
a) 1977
b) 1986
c) 1991
d) 1999

Question 6
What criminal charge has Marineland owner John Holer NOT faced?
a) Careless Driving
b) Animal Cruelty
c) Illegal Hunting
d) Uttering Threats

Question 7
Marineland imports their wild caught animals most often from this country:
a) Japan
b) Mexico
c) Russia
d) China

Question 8
How many animals are thought to be buried in Marineland's animal graves at the back of the property?
a) Dozens
b) Hundreds
c) Thousands
d) None

Question 9
Name the two neighborhood Labrador Retrievers Marineland owner John Holer is accused of shooting:
a) Ren & Stimpy
b) Jake & Toby
c) Blue & Thor
d) Bandit & Tucker

Question 10
This well known activist  famously called Marineland "a thug in the neighborhood" in 2005:
a) Paul Watson
b) David Suzuki
c) Ric O'Barry
d) Bob Barker


Question 1:
Over 20 orcas have died at Marineland, giving the facility one of the worst mortality rates of any aquarium or zoo in the world.

Question 2:
The property where Marineland is situated was originally the home of a German Prisoner of War Camp during World War II.

Question 3:
Shortly after arriving at Marineland a 700 lbs pilot whale named Baby Jane repeatedly smashed her head against the gate and wall of her tank.

Question 4:
A Tuberculosis outbreak occurred among the deer at Marineland resulting in a quarantine and mass killing.

Question 5:
1977 featured the very first public demonstration against Marineland by Greenpeace activists.

Questions 6:
Despite various threats being captured on video, Marineland owner John Holer has yet to face the charge of uttering threats by police.

Question 7: 
Marineland has imported most of their recently wild caught animals from Russia where regulations are lax.

Questions 8:
Marineland's mass grave sites are estimated to hold the corpses of thousands of animals.

Question 9:
Blue & Thor were the names of the neighborhood dogs witnesses allege John Holer shot dead and had their bodies buried in a mass grave.

Question 10:
David Suzuki called Marineland "a thug in the neighborhood" appearing in the Niagara Region to assist activists being sued by the facility.  

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