Friday, August 29, 2014

10,000 Reasons

Statement by Mike Garrett

On Thursday Aug 28th I received notice of Justice Lococo's cost award ruling stemming from a hearing held in June of this year.  In that hearing I sought to have Marineland's injunction order against me set aside, an injunction they received in 2013 designed to silence public protest on public property outside of the captive animal facility.  In that hearing I was unsuccessful in having the order set aside however I did succeed in opposing Marineland's request the order be expanded in scope with further restrictions to myself and include other demonstrators.   For the costs of this litigation Marineland  indicated to the court they were seeking $30,000 and I submitted legal costs of $10,000.  Ultimately Justice Lococo ruled I shall pay Marineland the cost of $10,000.  The injunction order will remain in place until the outcome is determined of  Marineland's separate $1.5 million dollar lawsuit against me.

The outcome of this is not surprising in a system that is setup to allow the abuse of process against individuals like myself by a large corporation such as Marineland.  From day one I have been very aware of the consequences of opposing a company whose very business model is based on abuse and whose actions and behavior within the community could best be described as corrupt.   The abuse of animals, people, the political and legal systems, the environment  -  I have always had many reasons why I oppose Marineland and now I have 10,000 more.  The cost award changes nothing.  I will be back on the streets tomorrow opposing this facility and industry as I've always done.  I will continue to use creative and effective tactics against them at every opportunity and I will not lose a minutes sleep over it.  I will also not back down upon facing further litigation by Marineland designed to intimidate and silence free speech.  I will pay Marineland their $10,000 confident in knowing which side of history I'm on and how history is about to play out for them. I am very satisfied in knowing that I am costing them much more than they could ever derive out of me.

I want to thank every single person who continues to stand beside me in this fight.  Friends and strangers from the activist community and beyond, from all over the world.  Thank you to those that have offered financial and emotional support, who understand what this picture below represents and that the only way to battle an enemy like this is to work together.   We won't be silenced.


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