Monday, July 14, 2014

Born into Slavery

This Beluga calf was born at Marineland on July 12 2014.  It is believed to be the calf of Isis.  This calf will spend its entire life at Marineland.  This calf will never feel the natural rhythms of the ocean, never experience swimming far distances with its pod in the wild and never learn to catch its own food using its own natural ability of echolocation.   Instead it will eat dead fish stuffed with drugs for its entire life, perform circus tricks, swim circles in a concrete tank and most likely die prematurely.  From birth to death its life will be about profits for Marineland.

In 2012 a baby Beluga named Skoot was killed at Marineland as a helpless tour guide stood by and watched the calf be continuously and brutally assaulted by older males over a two hour period.  Skoot had nowhere to hide. Critics cited chronic understaffing problems at Marineland as a factor in the Beluga's horrific death.

Photo: via CetaBase

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