Friday, July 4, 2014

Activists Engage With Public

With the summer tourist season in full swing activists are once again hitting the busy streets in Niagara Falls continuing to provide information about Marineland to potential visitors.  With leaflets in hand and situating themselves right below the infamous Marineland billboard in Niagara Falls' Fallsview district activists handed out information and held impromptu conversations about the facility with people visiting Niagara from all over the world.

"What's really surprising us this year is that there already seems to be a real heightened awareness about Marineland and other captive facilities among the visiting public.  Many folks have told us immediately that they have no plans to patronize such a place" said activist Mike Garrett, who with several others distributed leaflets detailing Marineland's sordid history.

"We're finding a real paradigm shift in the public's attitude towards captive facilities and it is evident when you talk with people.  They are already engaged and interested in what we have to say and even if they aren't they still want to have a look at the leaflet.  That information will end up somewhere, a taxi cab, hotel room, restaurant and that's fine" Garrett said.

Later in the day the activists decided to return to the public property near the exit of Marineland and offer the leaflets to vehicles leaving the park.  Continued public outreach events are planned throughout the summer.

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