Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marineland vs Mike Garrett Injunction Order Ruling

The following statement provided by Mike Garrett

Today in St. Catharines, Justice Richard Lococo gave his ruling in the hearing reviewing Marineland's injunction order which was obtained against me last year.   While I was not successful in having the injunction order set aside entirely which was my goal, I was successful in arguing that the injunction should not be expanded in scope or consolidated with another more restrictive injunction order against Dylan Powell.  I also successfully opposed the Powell order being expanded to include any and all persons made aware of it even though Dylan Powell acting on behalf of Marineland Animal Defense consented to this change which would have affected all demonstrators in the future.

Ultimately what came out of Justice Lococo's ruling today was some modifications to the original injunction order.  Some orders were deleted, for example one barring me from protesting against Marineland veterinarian June Mergl, something of which I have never participated in.  The extremely vague order of "not violating Marineland's rights" was deleted as well.  Clarification came on the order against trespassing on Marineland property as Marineland provided a survey map of the area.  The Justice also ruled that I may not interfere in Marineland owner John Holer's privacy by publicly identifying the make, model and license plate of his vehicle.  I see no problem with that.

We successfully defended Marineland's request to expand my order to contain language restrictions on the words "abuse" "torture" "criminal" "arrest John Holer"  & "animal abuse".   This was not included in the revised order and these restrictions solely apply to Dylan Powell.

I respect the court's decision and will respect the orders even though I disagree that the injunction in its entirety was not set aside.  I will consider appealing this decision.  Overall though I'm pleased that my rights to free speech and public protest were ultimately defended.  I'm proud to have opposed Marineland's attempt to place other unnamed demonstrators under severe restrictions while Marineland Animal Defense sheepishly consented to this.

Marineland and my counsel will now submit costs to the court for review.  No doubt Marineland will be seeking that I pay their court costs as I will be seeking the same from them.  Marineland's $1.5 million dollar lawsuit against me is still going forward and I will need to defend that as well.   This hearing represents what will likely be one battle in a long legal war.  I will continue to oppose this facility and this industry as long as they are willing to exploit animals in their pursuit of profits.  Thanks to all who continue to support my efforts and thank you to my counsel Kevin Toyne.



  1. O.K. so I get that Dylan Powell sold everyone out to save his own skin (even if he manages to avoid any of his puppets from seeing the truth) but what does that mean for the $10,000 he raised once again for his legal fees to pay Marineland. Apparently they dropped that so where is the $10,000 and can those people who supported him blindly going to get their donations back or is he going to talk his way out of that like he did twice before. When are these poor idiots going to wake up?

  2. Oh ya I forgot If any of you Dylan Powell bleeding hearts want to donate to the MDPLECIHW Fund (Making Dylan Powell Life Easier Cause He Hates Work) you can still do it. Greedy bastard still hasn't taken his GoFund page down. Only 126 people donated almost $10,000. Hmmmm not many. He must have lots of relative who made up the slack.