Saturday, March 15, 2014

Marineland Implicated in River Contamination


News broke on this week that Ontario's Ministry of the Environment was investigating a pollution complaint of discolored water entering the Welland River, just upstream from Niagara Falls. Red brownish coloured water can be seen emptying into the Welland River from Pell's Creek which concerned several local residents in Chippawa. Pell's Creek runs through Marineland property before exiting into the river and Ministry officials quickly tracked the source coming from the park.

Marineland notified the Ministry that they have been moving rocks for a construction project and a large pile of red rocks which are common in the area have been used for a temporary road for construction vehicles.

Rich Vickers, the Niagara district manager for the Ministry told the Niagara Falls Review that they have taken samples from the water.

“High loads of sediment should not be getting into the water. We've taken samples and we’ll wait and see what the results indicate,” Vickers said.

The Ministry has also asked Marineland to put in place control measures to ensure no further sediment enters the creek.

Local resident Al Oleksiuk told The Review he had never seen a body of water so discolored.

“It’s the worst I've ever seen,” he said, adding it looked like rust crud with a paint-like consistency." Mr. Oleksiuk was so concerned he took his own water sample and is having it tested citing the area is important for water fowl and fish.

Marineland: In Depth visited the site on Saturday March 15th and the discolored water could still be seen entering the river despite earlier reports the water had cleared up.

Marineland has faced investigation by Ontario's Ministry of Environment for numerous infractions, most recently over the illegal burial of thousands of animals in mass graves on the property. Late last year Marineland was granted a permit to resume burying animals.

In 2000 the Ministry ordered Marineland to stop discharging their wastewater into Pell's Creek.

Marineland's most serious environmental offense saw the park convicted and fined $15,000 for running an illegal dump where despite warnings by the Ministry to stop, park staff buried toxic materials on the property.


  1. Boohoo, it happens. This has nothing to do with the animals or anything. Why must you bash this park when its trying hard to redeem itself. Wish people would see the truth about parks like MLC and SeaWorld. Stop beliving in this Blackfish nonsense and taking the word of an ex- high school educated trainer who decided to take it out on the company who refused his T.V show pitch because they didn't want the animals to stress with a film crew around them 12 hours a day :/ What an abusive park *insert sarcasm here*

    1. Why would the park try to "redeem" itself if it did nothing wrong? I would invite you to do some research on the topic. 16 employees came forward to detail what was happening there, not just 1 with a "grudge". So, were they all supposed to get TV shows too?