Monday, December 30, 2013

Intimidation Tactics

With Marineland closed for the season it appears that owner John Holer may be a little bored and has returned to his old habits of slowly driving by the homes of people he is currently involved in litigation with.  According to witnesses Holer was seen this past weekend driving by the family home of whistleblower Phil Demers in Niagara Falls.

Neighbors captured the eerie incident and posted multiple photos on social media that allegedly shows Holer driving his light tan colored GMC Denali (license plate BRVC 863) right beside Demers' home.  Brake lights can be seen lit up on the SUV as he slowed down near the residence.

This is not the first time John Holer has been captured driving by the residence of Mr. Demers and video taken last winter shows the park owner slowing down in front of the house and then driving off when noticed.  Demers is currently being sued by Marineland in a $1.5 million SLAPP suit launched earlier this year.

Given the circumstances of the current litigation many people would see this type of behavior as a possible intimidation or harassment tactic and Holer certainly has a history of it.  In 2009 after serving a notice of eviction to the residents of the Green Oaks trailer park the tenants complained to the Landlord &Tenant Board about Holer driving through the neighborhood and constantly harassing them.  Former resident Brian Topolinsky remembers Holer's creepy behavior:

"He used to drive by our home like clockwork, 5 times a day.  He would just drive by slowly, if he saw you outside or looking he would stop right in front and stare at you.  He just wanted you to come out and confront him."
Holer ended up in several confrontations with long-time Green Oaks resident Paula Millard which resulted in Police having to attend the scene.  On eviction day Millard committed suicide, leaving a note specifically mentioning John Holer.  The actual order from the Landlord & Tenant Board mentioning the harassment is noted here:

As former employees and activists continue to struggle under the pressures of multimillion dollar lawsuits park owner and plaintiff John Holer appears to be looking for more ways to intimidate his critics and their families.   Holer has a history of violence that is well known among activists and he owns a firearm.  He has demonstrated in the past his willingness to harass, intimidate and threaten people who oppose him.  The Niagara Regional Police should be taking measures to ensure families are free of this type of intimidation by an individual who has already been infamously called  "a thug in the neighborhood".


  1. Wow, I am shocked and actually quite disgusted that the police have done nothing about this psychopathic behaviour which is clearly documented. I mean, what is it going to take, an actual death? I would be afraid to live or even visit because of this guy. He clearly needs to be chained up.

  2. Can this man not be reported for stalking? Surely even the Niagara police have realized people are observing the preferential treatment Holer is getting. One would hope that would deter them from allowing him to continue. Maybe its time for media to look into the local police department.