Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 16th 1973 On This Day In Marineland History...

November 16th 1973 - On this day in Marineland history orca Kandy died after spending only 17 days at Marineland.

Kandy a 20 foot long 5,000 lbs female orca was approximately 6 years of age and captured from L pod, a member of the now endangered Southern Resident killer whale population off the coast of Washington State.

Kandy originally spent time a short time at the infamous marine park Sealand of the Pacific before owner Bob Wright sold her to John Holer and she was shipped to Marineland.

According to Marineland owner John Holer, Kandy died of "pneumonia" which he claimed was present before the whale was transported to Niagara Falls.  Because of the infection and the position of the whale during shipment the orca's right lung became heavily infected and filled with fluid.  Kandy stopped eating her proper allotment of mackerel earlier in the week and died on a Friday.

If human greed hadn't intervened, today 40 years later Kandy would have been barely middle aged and could very well be swimming in the wild Pacific Northwest with members of her pod.  Instead, her life ended on this day 40 years ago and she was buried in one of Marineland's mass animal graves.

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