Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Marineland 2013 Season Ends in Uncertainty

Marineland's 2013 operating season is coming to a close this weekend and the park is under an uncertain future.  It is rather obvious to onlookers Marineland's bottom line took a substantial hit this year with many new additional expenses.  

Marineland spent  thousands of dollars to comply with many new orders from various government agencies including the OSPCA.  They built a rather large expensive chain link fence that surrounds most of the property.  For the first time they hired an outside PR consultant in an attempt to rehabilitate their image and produced multiple PR videos for their social media sites.  They launched a massive advertising blitz which involved re-shooting their TV commercials.  They lobbied the city of Niagara Falls for a second land lease, which they were granted and installed a $35,000 traffic light at their own expense to block demonstrators.  Marineland's lawyers are also hitting pay dirt as the captive animal facility is now involved with six simultaneous multi-million dollar lawsuits and two injunctions.

All of this and the Ontario government has yet to even introduce expected legislation strengthening laws regarding the care of animals in captivity that is sure to cost Marineland much more to comply with.  The park does not release official attendance numbers but many local residents mentioned how noticeably empty the parking lot looked on many days throughout the year.  The 2013 season also ended on a tragic note for the Holer family with the sudden passing of owner John Holer's only biological son.

Marineland has made many grandiose expansion announcements and promises over the years which have ultimately failed to materialize.  With no heir apparent for the 78 year old owner and his own twilight already upon him many are wondering what will happen to the park which continues to face enormous public pressure to end its captive animal displays.

Marineland: In Depth was also launched this year to cover all the history, news and issues involving Marineland.

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