Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Open Letter to Niagara Area Politicians RE: Blackfish

UPDATE: St. Catharines MP Rick Dykstra has expressed interest in attending however can not confirm at this time.

UPDATE: Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati has declined this invitation as he will be out of the country on city business during this date and unable to attend. Alternative arrangements to view the film have been offered.

This letter has been sent to all members of Niagara Falls City Council, MP's Rob Nicholson, Rick Dykstra, MPP's Kim Craitor, Cindy Forster & Jim Bradley.

As you are aware the topic of marine mammal captivity has often been quite controversial here in the Niagara Region for many years.  Among your constituents there are those that are extremely concerned about the care of animals at Marineland or do not believe marine mammals belong in captivity at such a facility at all.  There are others who choose to support this local business that is also part of the important tourism economy.
In making one's mind up about an important topic the key is to understand and engage with both sides to get a full and fair grasp of the issue.  We feel, for many years that the captive marine mammal industry has controlled most of the message about captivity to the public.  On a local level it is often felt by many that because they are a business Marineland is often afforded the advantage of having their concerns heard above the voices that oppose their practises.
We are bringing the blockbuster documentary Blackfish to Niagara to make people aware there is another side of the captive marine mammal industry.  While this film primarily discusses Seaworld, their business strategy and tactics are virtually identical to those used by Marineland and the industry as a whole.  Viewing this film will allow you to go beyond all the fuzzy TV & radio commercials and experience what truly happens when you bring wild marine mammals into captivity for the sake of profit.  While you may not agree with everything that is in this film it will at least make you aware of many things you might not have thought about.
We would like to extend an invitation to the Mayor of Niagara Falls, all members of Niagara Falls City Council and all Niagara area MP's and MPP's to be our guests at the screening of this film.  We are offering a nonpartisan hostile-free environment for an enjoyable evening of film. It is our hope you will come away with a better understanding of what many of your constituents have expressed deep concern about.
Please RSVP no later than September 20th 2013 to reserve your tickets:
A reminder the screening will be held Sept 27th at 7pm at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School Auditorium in St. Catharines.
Blackfish Niagara Organizers

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