Friday, August 23, 2013

UPDATE: Marineland Archive a Hit

Having only been released just over a week ago, the Marineland Archive has been a huge success.  Receiving tremendous feedback and racking up views from around the world, it is the most comprehensive and unbiased source of information on the history of Marineland available anywhere.

Since its debut, we've already added 100 new items as we've heard from journalists, activists and others who themselves have contributed some rarely seen and important material.

"legal" section has also been added to include documents such as the land leases, permits, eviction notices and even letters from Marineland owner John Holer to government agencies.

Keep an eye out as much more will be added on an ongoing basis. Over the coming months we will also be highlighting some of the more interesting documents and stories right here on Marineland: In Depth.

If you have something you feel would be an important addition to the archive and would like to submit it, use the contact form on the right hand side of this page to get in touch.  Most importantly - read, learn and share...that is its ultimate purpose.

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