Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Understanding the new land lease

With the city of Niagara Falls handing over more public land in a lease to Marineland it is important to understand where these new areas are and what is off limits for demonstrators (for now).

The first area extends the land already leased to Marineland by the city near the park's entrance last year.  Essentially it is a small sidewalk area on the south side of Portage Rd. leading to the village of Chippawa.  The land leased is approximately 14 metres from the end of the sidewalk.  With this lease and the previous one which gave Marineland the traffic island and land on the other side of the entrance this effectively secures a large buffer around Marineland's entrance on their side of Portage Rd.  Marineland has recently installed a traffic light at this intersection at their own cost to allow them to utilize it as an entrance and exit thus avoiding leafleting actions that were taking place near their exit over the summer.

The second area leased is a 50 metre area surrounding a bus stop and gate near the main entrance of the park   Marineland has built a stone pathway that leads from the drop off point of the WEGO and city bus systems through a gate in their chain link fence.  The lease extends from the road way to just near the entrance of the gate and buffers the area by approximately 25 metres on each side.  For those familiar with the area this will force demonstration activity away from the bus stop area and gate area to either further down the public boulevard adjacent to Marineland parking OR what is most likely up near the Marineland sign located across from their main entrance.

There are several light standards, hydrants and a maintenance hatch for which to understand where their land lease begins and ends.  Facing South towards the property and the stone pathway the lease extends to the very first hydrant to the west of the stone pathway area.

It should be noted that Marineland's regular property line does extend several feet out from its chain link fence but NOT past where the hydrants and light poles are which are located on public land.  As such demonstrators should not approach or touch the fence or go past the areas of the hydrants, poles and marking stakes that have been placed in the ground.

Contrary to what one local organizer is claiming, it is perfectly legal to stand on the remaining public property and demonstrate in a peaceful manner using signs and megaphones.  Marineland recently obtained a court order preventing these actions by the person named on the court order only and not the general public.  It should be noted however Marineland is targeting people individually with litigation and those who do exercise their legal rights should be prepared to defend themselves if Marineland brings forth more frivolous litigation.

All the public land leases including those from last year are set to expire on May 31st 2015.

We will post a full map of the property lines surrounding Marineland as soon as it becomes available.


  1. Sorry I thought this blog was a little more credible. You are NOT ALLOWED USE MEGA PHONES!! Also there's been some sort of language limits when making signs !!! Go to Marineland Animal Defense on facebook or there blog and you will get better information as they where at the court proceedings and they know what the limits are for future protests for EVERYONE !

  2. Thanks for your comment. The information will be verified today and a correction made if necessary.