Friday, August 16, 2013

The Marineland News Archive

Marineland: In Depth is now offering what is most likely one of the most valuable resources of education regarding the history of Marineland available anywhere online today.

Marineland: In Depth News Archive
The Marineland: In Depth News Archive features over 400 news articles dating back nearly 50 years.  Pulled from various sources, sorted by year and tagged with relevant information these enlargeable articles provide enormous and important insight into how Marineland has operated throughout its history.

Want to learn about the years of shady land deals, political corruption and environmental pollution?  Injuries to trainers and deaths of the animals?  Charges, fines and convictions to John Holer and Marineland? Whistleblowing ex employees, ridiculous expansion promises,  failures of promised government regulations? The outrage, the lies, the deceit?  It is all here in black and white for everyone to read.

Marineland cannot hide from its history any longer and they cannot claim journalistic bias.  Anyone who takes the time to read through these articles from dozens of sources will see for themselves exactly what kind of company Marineland is and what kind of man owns it.

Dig in and most importantly, share this post and spread awareness.  Knowledge is power.  Know a naysayer who thinks the Toronto Star articles were "biased"?  Start here.

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