Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Release of Dylan Powell's Injunction Raises Questions

A recent injunction order against Marineland Animal Defense "co-founder" Dylan Powell has placed several new restrictions on him when protesting outside Marineland.  He claims that the injunction given to him by the Ontario Superior Court doesn't just apply to just himself but also anyone and everyone. The order lists several restrictions including a ban on using megaphones at demonstrations and certain language on signs such as "abuse" "torture" "animal abuse" "criminal" & "arrest John Holer".

Rather than provide anyone with an actual real copy of the order, Powell has repeated statements via mainstream and social media where he is the only one quoted explaining the order applies to everyone and not just himself. Powell has warned of dire consequences should everyone fail to follow his instructions at demonstrations. Powell has said a rogue demonstrator could end up in jail or even worse, causing himself to be in contempt of court because of someone else's actions. Anyone who has dared to question the legitimacy of these claims has been quickly dismissed, called stupid and even singled out as someone who would want to "sabotage or dismantle" M.A.D.'s campaign.

The truth is no one is interested in stopping opposition to Marineland or even halting M.A.D.'s campaign to end the exploitation of animals at the park. It is Dylan Powell who has placed his own campaign in jeopardy with his decisions, his actions and his divisiveness. Now that he faces restrictions that essentially neuter him, he wants everyone else to abide by them or "no one will be allowed to protest at Marineland ever again!"

Marineland: In Depth has obtained a full copy of Justice Lococo's ruling and provide it here for everyone to read.

As can clearly be read: the motion for an injunction order against defendants Dylan Powell, Marineland Animal Defense, John Doe, Jane Doe and Persons Unknown was heard, that much is correct. However the actual ORDER was placed on only one defendant...Dylan Powell. Marineland was not successful in obtaining an injunction against the other defendants.

Misleading people to believe what the Justice said in court has any actual context to the order itself is quite ridiculous. A person can only know what is written in an order and not what was said in court. It is only what is written that matters and what a person has to comply with. In this case, Persons Unknown, John Doe and Jane Doe are not placed under any orders to comply with. This means no one falls under any of these restrictions except Powell.

Surely Dylan Powell will drum up more unverifiable reasons why this is being interpreted incorrectly but nothing beats the black and white truth. It is also known that Marineland is continuing their pursuit of another virtually identical injunction order against activist Mike Garrett.

Now if Powell's order covers everyone as he has claimed, then why would Marineland bother to spend thousands of dollars to pursue another injunction that would essentially give them nothing they don't already have?  Better yet, why are donors and supporters of M.A.D. being lied to and told they cannot do things that only applies to really one person? And if Dylan Powell is so concerned about being held in contempt of court for the action of others then why not just stay home on demonstration day? Or is he suddenly more important than the cause?

This site does not condone breaking the law as it exists and has already mentioned Marineland has been known to target people with litigation regardless of what they are doing.  Their lawyers will lie and make false claims about virtually anything to gain political and public sympathy.  Those who do exercise their legal rights to protest on public property should be prepared to defend themselves if Marineland brings forth more frivolous litigation.  Spreading false information about what is legal and what isn't just to hold on to whatever perceived power position one has within an organization does not benefit those who oppose the park but only seeks to manipulate.  If you begin lying to the people that are trying to help then you have become no better than your opponent.


  1. Bravo indeed. I am disgusted by Dylan and a couple of others putting their own personal desires above the cause of animal rights, which I hold so deeply in my soul.

  2. Thank you for finally exposing this snake oil salesman. The court ruling is not the only thing he lies about. Please note his bio and investigate the degree he claims he received from Brock and his course he says he is enrolled in at McMaster. Many are aware and contributed to his fund raiser to pay for a course about drugs at McMaster but he dropped out as soon as he got his photo op holding a book. He touts himself as an international speaker, lecturer, counsellor. Really? I mean really?? Where was he before the Star wrote the expose about Phil Demers and Marineland. Just askin

  3. He says Marineland lawyer Andrew Burns wrote and is blaming him for this website. He shows the email giving him a deadline of tomorrow to name the people. I guess he is hoping someone will tell him who is behind this website because he doesn't want to be a snitch. LOL Of course it has nothing to show it is actually from their lawyer. Could someone call Andrew Burns and find out if he really threatened MAD like Dylan is saying on the MAD FB page and gave him a deadline to name names? All smoke and mirrors and BS.