Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marineland Harbour Seal Bleeding

Today twitter user Samantha Aemery posted photos of a harbour seal at Marineland who appears to have an open wound.  The seal's identity is unconfirmed but believed to be named "Rolo" and is housed in the indoor Aquarium Dome which Marineland now refers to as a 'retirement home'.  According to Aemery's comments there was a blood trail coming from the seal's right fore flipper.  Another photo posted to Twitter also shows blood drippings along the side of the stage area of the tank.

Marineland's Aquarium Dome opened in 1966 and houses harbour seals, sea lions, walruses and dolphins. The facility is completely devoid of sunlight and fresh air and has been identified by former employees and trainers as having consistently poor water quality which led to sick and suffering animals.  In a recent investigation of Marineland the OSPCA ordered the park to make repairs to the aging dome's ceiling as "paint was chipping off and hitting the water" according to OSPCA chair Rob Godfrey.

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