Monday, August 12, 2013

UPDATED: John Beattie Weighs In On Comments to Trainer Injury Video

After a Marineland trainer was injured during a performance with Beluga whales last week Death at SeaWorld author David Kirby wrote an article about the incident and the reaction of the man who caught it on video.  The video was shot by Tom Blake and uploaded to YouTube.  Blake said he uploaded the video because it was "interesting" however he expressed indifference to the topic of captivity at Marineland. The video attracted numerous comments from people against the use of animals in the circus like shows at Marineland.

Blake has actively commented on the article providing some clarification on his thoughts and now Marineland's paid public relations person John Beattie has also chimed in by posting a comment via his Facebook account.  Responding to Blake, John Beattie had this to say:

"Hey Tom. You are being targeted by people who actually want to not only close all zoos and aquaria, but also close all farms. Vegetarianism is perhaps a healthy choice for some people. But choice means nothing for these people. They equate owning an animal to slavery. Every dog and cat and canary owner clearly disagree with them."
John Beattie who was previously an advisor to embattled former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has been relatively quiet on social media up until now. He has appeared in a few made for PR videos on Marineland's YouTube channel and provided comments on newspaper articles written by Sun Media.  His comment promotes Marineland's aspersion that anyone who expresses their opinions against marine mammal captivity must be an unreasonable radical animal liberationist...and vegetarian.  Beattie could have used the opportunity to provide an update on the situation to people who were obviously concerned but instead chose to make no mention of the animal or trainer's condition.

UPDATE: John Beattie has become a full on social media savant commenting on new articles.

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