Thursday, August 8, 2013

UPDATED Trainer injured at Marineland

UPDATE: Video of the accident involving a trainer at Marineland and a Beluga whale has surfaced.  Death at SeaWorld author David Kirby has written an article with comments about the incident from former trainers with experience in these situations.

Reports came in today that a rookie trainer was injured at Marineland.  An ambulance was called to the Niagara Falls abusement park early this afternoon.  Marineland has made no comment confirming the accident but sources say the trainer was a female and injured while performing a stunt.  No word on which animals may have been involved in the show at the time.  Marineland trainers routinely perform water work with dolphins and beluga whales in the stadium pool. Many of the abusive routines include standing on top of Belugas while pushing off and riding belugas and dolphins around the tank.

There have been many accidents at Marineland over the years while conducting circus like acts with the animals.  Many of these incidents go unreported to the media or the media chooses not to write about them.
In 1986 a very serious incident occurred during a show when a 20 year old trainer named Kevin Smith was dragged around the stadium pool by an orca named Kandu.  Marineland trainers no longer perform water work stunts with orcas however they still work in close proximity to them which is inherently dangerous.


  1. once again accidents are in the news. It's about time the Government intervened and closed all these ABUSEMENT parks down for good

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  2. Definitely agree with bernadette. All these cruel shows, circuses, zoos etc are just to make $$$$. They are outdated and relics of the past.

    Even if one is not particularly supportive or fond of animals, the human slaves who are part of the money-making animal captivity/entertainment industry should be pitied, not to mention the poor little kids who are dragged into perpetuating these uncivilized anachronisms by their no doubt well-meaning but ill- informed mummies and daddies.

  3. email sent. I HATE these types of shows.

  4. Not to mention, the show is boring. And the photographer did the worst job filming that you can imagine.

  5. Who would go to one of these shows? who would take a family to see tortured imprisoned mammals perform degrading tasks?