Monday, July 29, 2013

Marineland Runs Dry

Demonstrators outside the gates of Marineland this past weekend weren't the park's only problem.  Marineland was forced to close on Friday due to a water main break which resulted in various issues including unsanitary conditions without running water in the bathrooms.

According to an article by Heather Krawchuck Marineland officials had to usher guests out of the park after 1pm on Friday causing what one employee called "complete chaos".  Tourists, many of whom were likely in town for a short period of time were not given refunds but rather issued vouchers for admission at a future time.

Marineland re-opened on Saturday selling cash only tickets without the water issue being resolved. The park brought in multiple porta-pottys for visitors to use.

Perhaps if Marineland wasn't so busy paying lawyer to launch various lawsuits against people they could afford a plumber or basic infrastructure maintenance.

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