Monday, July 29, 2013

Marineland Beluga Injured - Tourist Feeding Session Continues

This video taken at Marineland illustrates how even with a horrible injury a Beluga whale is still participating in a tourist "feeding session".  The second beluga in the video has noticeable rake marks, a sure sign of aggression and harassment from other whales.  The attendant also provides some real education about killer whales describing them as "black and white and very big" to a child.


  1. its sick at how much they say they love there animals BULLSHIT they dont care all the care about is the money that whale should not have been there all they have to say is like oh its just like a skinned knee well they still hurt poor babies we all need to work together and get thesse guys outta there and one good way to do that is not to buy ticket

  2. One has the open wound & the other has bad rake marks!! Terrible....if they were in their natural setting with their family pod, they wouldn't injure each other like this. Not surprised that they are still in front of the public.....these parks care a lot more about profits than they do about the animals that they have imprisoned.