Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Experts Weigh In

Monday, July 14, 2014

Born into Slavery

This Beluga calf was born at Marineland on July 12 2014.  It is believed to be the calf of Isis.  This calf will spend its entire life at Marineland.  This calf will never feel the natural rhythms of the ocean, never experience swimming far distances with its pod in the wild and never learn to catch its own food using its own natural ability of echolocation.   Instead it will eat dead fish stuffed with drugs for its entire life, perform circus tricks, swim circles in a concrete tank and most likely die prematurely.  From birth to death its life will be about profits for Marineland.

In 2012 a baby Beluga named Skoot was killed at Marineland as a helpless tour guide stood by and watched the calf be continuously and brutally assaulted by older males over a two hour period.  Skoot had nowhere to hide. Critics cited chronic understaffing problems at Marineland as a factor in the Beluga's horrific death.

Photo: via CetaBase

Friday, July 11, 2014

Reviews of Marineland

Some of the latest customer reviews of Marineland paint a clear picture that this captive animal facility is in a death spiral.  Not exactly a star attraction in Niagara Falls.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Activists Engage With Public

With the summer tourist season in full swing activists are once again hitting the busy streets in Niagara Falls continuing to provide information about Marineland to potential visitors.  With leaflets in hand and situating themselves right below the infamous Marineland billboard in Niagara Falls' Fallsview district activists handed out information and held impromptu conversations about the facility with people visiting Niagara from all over the world.

"What's really surprising us this year is that there already seems to be a real heightened awareness about Marineland and other captive facilities among the visiting public.  Many folks have told us immediately that they have no plans to patronize such a place" said activist Mike Garrett, who with several others distributed leaflets detailing Marineland's sordid history.

"We're finding a real paradigm shift in the public's attitude towards captive facilities and it is evident when you talk with people.  They are already engaged and interested in what we have to say and even if they aren't they still want to have a look at the leaflet.  That information will end up somewhere, a taxi cab, hotel room, restaurant and that's fine" Garrett said.

Later in the day the activists decided to return to the public property near the exit of Marineland and offer the leaflets to vehicles leaving the park.  Continued public outreach events are planned throughout the summer.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Plight of Marineland's Animals

Marineland has always defended their animal care and maintained they do nothing wrong.  If that is the case then it would be expected little has changed for the animals there since this telling video was shot.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marineland vs Mike Garrett Injunction Order Ruling

The following statement provided by Mike Garrett

Today in St. Catharines, Justice Richard Lococo gave his ruling in the hearing reviewing Marineland's injunction order which was obtained against me last year.   While I was not successful in having the injunction order set aside entirely which was my goal, I was successful in arguing that the injunction should not be expanded in scope or consolidated with another more restrictive injunction order against Dylan Powell.  I also successfully opposed the Powell order being expanded to include any and all persons made aware of it even though Dylan Powell acting on behalf of Marineland Animal Defense consented to this change which would have affected all demonstrators in the future.

Ultimately what came out of Justice Lococo's ruling today was some modifications to the original injunction order.  Some orders were deleted, for example one barring me from protesting against Marineland veterinarian June Mergl, something of which I have never participated in.  The extremely vague order of "not violating Marineland's rights" was deleted as well.  Clarification came on the order against trespassing on Marineland property as Marineland provided a survey map of the area.  The Justice also ruled that I may not interfere in Marineland owner John Holer's privacy by publicly identifying the make, model and license plate of his vehicle.  I see no problem with that.

We successfully defended Marineland's request to expand my order to contain language restrictions on the words "abuse" "torture" "criminal" "arrest John Holer"  & "animal abuse".   This was not included in the revised order and these restrictions solely apply to Dylan Powell.

I respect the court's decision and will respect the orders even though I disagree that the injunction in its entirety was not set aside.  I will consider appealing this decision.  Overall though I'm pleased that my rights to free speech and public protest were ultimately defended.  I'm proud to have opposed Marineland's attempt to place other unnamed demonstrators under severe restrictions while Marineland Animal Defense sheepishly consented to this.

Marineland and my counsel will now submit costs to the court for review.  No doubt Marineland will be seeking that I pay their court costs as I will be seeking the same from them.  Marineland's $1.5 million dollar lawsuit against me is still going forward and I will need to defend that as well.   This hearing represents what will likely be one battle in a long legal war.  I will continue to oppose this facility and this industry as long as they are willing to exploit animals in their pursuit of profits.  Thanks to all who continue to support my efforts and thank you to my counsel Kevin Toyne.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Young Student's Passionate Plea Against Captivity

We're impressed by this video uploaded by Canadian student Stephanie Moroie who shares her passion for marine mammal rights and adds her voice to the many others speaking out against captivity.